Pet Product Review: Humunga Stache

Funny dog humunga stache picture

CJ Arabia

The Humunga Stache by Moody Pet may be better in theory than it is in execution. In theory, your dog will hold the ball in his mouth, giving off the appearance of a handlebar moustache. In actuality, my dog never picked it up in her mouth like the dog in the advertisement. Note: The toy is very heavy and best-suited for larger dogs -- my smaller dog couldn't fit it in her mouth!

I imagine that if a dog could carry the Humunga Stache around as shown in the promo pics, it would thrill any passersby who caught a glimpse. And if it's possible to get a dog to use the product as intended, I'd agree with the copy on the packaging that it would make for a hilarious group photo. But to my utter frustration, I never got my dog to pick the thing up in her mouth by the ball and create the promised illusion of a hearty handlebar. I even filled the ball with delicious treats, but still, my dog mostly just likes to chew on it.

The Humunga Stache is brought to you by the makers of Humunga Tongue and Fling-Ama-String, and can be found in your local pet store or at for approximately $12.

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