Laser Declawing, Explained

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Declawing cats has gotten a bad rap, with a number of communities considering banning the procedure. But what about laser declawing? This method of removing cat's claws is touted by some as more humane than traditional declawing surgeries. So is it?

Not so much, said Louise Murray, the director of medicine at the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. "The difference is that instead of using a metal surgical blade, [the vet] uses a laser to cut the tissue. It's like using a lightsaber instead of a sword," Murray told Paw Nation.

But whether it's done by laser or by scalpel, declawing is a painful procedure that removes the last joint of a cat's toes, she said. The term "declawing," makes it sound gentler than it is. "It really should be called digit amputation," she added. "There is no way to make this not be a painful surgery."

Besides the pain of the procedure itself, cats can suffer from complications long after they've healed. They may feel phantom pain in their missing toes, or develop neuromas, swelling on the nerves that were severed during the surgery. And, Murray said, declawed cats often become moody and aggressive, and can turn to biting -- either because they're experiencing pain, or feel defenseless without claws, or both.

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Welty Liz

I read about a cat who was declawed as a kitten . Calcium build up and around the bones of where his toe bone suppose to be and started to protrude through the skin , This caused severe pain and discomfort for the cat. Also bleeding. His owners had repair repair surgery on him, This helped with the discomfort with medicine. Most house cats , repair surgery is difficult and not to munch not cheap. I have a declaw cat who i saved from being through out on the streets. My fiances's friend was going to through his cat after 2 years adopting her from a breeder.
I think the breeder i got her declawed , caused it's cause 1,200 including spay .neuter and he didn't have that kind money. All i know is she has pain after playing , sensitive to touch and cold stuff, aggressive toward others when pain, and falls few time out a mouth do to falling. She is starting to not playing as much and she is only 5. Bangel cats are vey hipper cats even after age 8 and i am worried she'll have be put down soon Cause i don't have the money like that woman did. I am writing to state leaders to get this banned for good. 25 countries on this banned and u.s.a only has not cause it's not important enough. Vets promote this to make money. I think congress help them do it. Like all doctors .

March 17 2014 at 11:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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