Terrier Breeds

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By Erin Renzas

There are 27 terrier breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Most terriers are small-to-medium in stature, but others, like the Airedale Terrier, can grow up to 70 pounds.

Terriers, no matter their size, require more room than one may think. Originally bred in England for hunting vermin and other small animals, terrier breeds have developed a reputation for being incredibly energetic and feisty. If not trained and handled at a young age, terriers can become intolerant of other animals, including other dogs. However, terriers are also known to be loyal toward their masters and can make entertaining and endearing pets.

Popular terrier breeds include the American Pit Bull, Scottish, Jack Russell, Cesky, West Highland White (Westie), Airedale, Staffordshire, Yorkshire (Yorkie), and the Boston Terrier.

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