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  • schnauzer sing-along
    Schnauzer Sing-along

    See some super-sweet singing-Schnauzer shorts. Okay, so they're howling. You know what we meant. [via Urlesque]

  • dog fetches prosthetics
    Dog Fetches Prosthetics

    Here's the fascinating true story of a dog who had to make a tough sacrifice and was later rewarded with a pair of nifty new legs. [via People Pets]

  • bolt outruns cheetah
    Bolt Outruns Cheetah

    Usain Bolt actually just adopted this cheetah cub. It will be raised at a refuge in Nairobi until it is old enough to lose a footrace to Bolt. [via Yahoo News]

  • ferrets mesmerize you
    Ferrets Mesmerize You

    Video too cute... Can't look away... Ferrets inside head... Must adopt ferrets... Help them enslave humanity... [via BuzzFeed]

  • cow, please stop
    Cow, Please Stop

    This cow is a little too thirsty. Who knew that farm animals were this bizarre? Someone set up this cow with a shrink. [via BuzzFeed]

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