November 2009 Pet Horoscopes

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By Judi Vitale
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Settling into the cooler season will be easier for your pets than for you. Chilly temperatures and longer nights will encourage them to snuggle more and roam around less, and the planets will ease them into an even less frantic state of being. The Sun's energy will be filtered through Scorpio's intense lens for most of November, and the animal kingdom will follow Mother Nature's call for rest and renewal.

Still, pets could get into some frustrating situations around November 15, when Pluto's push for transformation is strongly stifled by Saturn's determination to maintain the status quo. After November 21 the sun will romp through Sagittarius, which will inspire a more festive spirit. The Thanksgiving feast will feature a double dose of this perky energy, so if you want peace at the table, make arrangements for your pet to get enough exercise before the turkey and after the tasty pumpkin pie.

About the Author
Judi Vitale is an astrologer and writer who has had her eye on the sky most of her life. She received her certification as a consulting astrologer from the National Council for Geocosmic Research in 1995, and practices with a variety of clients, helping them to focus on their life purposes.

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