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Before you adopt a new pooch, it is vital to dog-proof your house or apartment. We spoke with leading pet experts to find out the best ways to ease the transition of a new dog into your home, and ensure that your pet and your pad both come through unscathed.

Sheila Boneham
-- an author, trainer, rescuer and breeder based in North Carolina -- shared with Paw Nation her tips and tricks to make a home safe for any dog that is about to join your family, regardless of its age.

Step 1: We Can Have Lots of Fun (As Long As It's in a Crate)
"Even though older dogs may seem like they're beyond the the puppy phase, they may revert back to bad behavior like chewing or accidents, due to the stress of a move," Boneham said. "The number-one rule is: Crate until you know the dog is reliable, both to safeguard your dog and your possessions. Make the crate a wonderful place to be. Put the most delicious treats in there, a soft bed, and have them go in only for short periods of time initially."

Step 2: There's So Much We Can Do (But If You Break My Stuff, You're Going Back in the Crate)
Pet-proofing is about keeping your home safe for your dog and from your dog. "Fragile things, family heirlooms, irreplaceable photographs: These need to be packed away or put up very high where the dog can't reach them," said Boneham. "Be cautious of things like tablecloths that hang down. To a puppy, that waving piece of fabric can look very tempting, and the next thing you know, your grandmother's china is shattered on the floor.

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