'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan and His Pit Bull, Daddy

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Pit Bull dogs portrait picture

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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is usually calm, assertive and in control. So what made him gasp, reel backwards and raise his hands to his face? The surprise unveiling of a huge portrait of Daddy, MIllan's beloved pit bull, that a grateful client painted to thank the Dog Whisperer.

For more than 10 years, Daddy has been Millan's right-hand dog. Viewers of Millan's television show, "Dog Whisperer," know that Daddy is the ultimate balanced dog. "I have never had a dog like Daddy," Millan writes in the inaugural issue of his magazine, "Cesar's Way." "I've been astounded by his intuition, consoled by his affection, and awed by his silent empathy."

It's no secret that the gentle pit bull is getting old. "Daddy's doing great, but he's 15 now," Millan told Paw Nation in an interview earlier this month. "So you can see the age crawling in. It's the body -- especially his back legs -- so he gets acupuncture twice a week; he swims every day; walks every day; and eats great meals for his digestion."

Still, Daddy can't work with Millan like he used to. "I leave it up to him [whether he wants to work]," Millan said. "Some mornings, he wakes up and he wants to go. And the funny part is, those mornings, I really need him. Daddy always helps me. It's a partnership."

In tonight's episode of "Dog Whisperer" (airing on the National Geographic Channel at 9 p.m.), Millan helps a Pekingese who's afraid of food and water, a Chihuahua who likes to bite people, and a pair of chow mixes who pick fights with each other.

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