"Lost dog reunited with little girl": It's a story we've heard time and time again. While it's always touching, this particular reunion story, shared this morning on the "Today Show", has a little more drama than some.

When Mollie, a German short-haired pointer, didn't come home one night, her family was understandably worried. Four-year-old Olivia Hartzog and her father, James, could hear Mollie barking, but they didn't realize until morning that she was barking from the bottom of a 33-foot dry well on their property, reports MSNBC.

Olivia asked her father to just jump down and get her dog, but he knew it was more complicated than that. Instead, local volunteer firefighter-rescuer Dwight Williams went into the well and Mollie, who emerged unscathed, but understandably elated to see her family. But no one was as thrilled to see Mollie as Olivia. Her father told Ann Curry in an interview that she's hardly left the dog's side. "Every chance she gets now, she wants to go pet Mollie and love on her and play with her -- and her pups, of course."

As for Williams, it's all in a day's work. Immediately following the rescue, he told the WIS news crew, "We do more than fight fires - we do whatever is required of us, like going down in holes and rescuing dogs."

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