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Photo: zenobia_joy, Flickr

So, you've found a cat in your area, what do you do?

First, determine if it's a feral or a stray. The easiest way to do so is to put some food down near you and see what happens. If the cat comes bounding over and doesn't mind eating next to you, or for that matter, being touched by you, you've got a friendly stray cat.

If the cat bolts and won't come near you no matter how much tuna you've put on the plate, you probably have a feral. Other signs you have a feral: they don't make a sound and they only come out at night. Trapping a feral cat and taking it to a shelter will lead to automatic euthanasia, so Trap-Neuter-Return is your best option.

Alley Cat Allies has great tips on how to go about it.

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