Michael Vick Donates to Animal Rescue (Sort Of)

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Outraged that Michael Vick, who served 18 months in prison for funding dogfights, was signed on to the Philadelphia Eagles? You now have more than one reason to cheer when the quarterback gets sacked this season.

Pennsylvania's Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) placed an ad in the Washington Post pledging that each time the Eagles' new quarterback is tackled during the Oct. 26 away game against the Redskins, five bags of dog food will be donated to a D.C. animal shelter.

In signing Vick, the Eagles have said they believe he deserves a second chance. Bill Smith, founder and CEO of MLAR tells Paw Nation, "Maybe it's about time that the million pit bulls euthanized every year got their second chance."

"The Eagles have made their choice; he's here, and there's nothing we can do about that," Smith continues. "The best way we can handle it is to start this campaign where we can raise public awareness about the plight of these animals."

Smith explains an equally problematic side effect of the illegal sport: dogs born in each litter who end up not used for fighting get dumped into already overpopulated city shelters. "Over a million pit bulls and pit mixes are euthanized every year." And because of people like Vick, who exploit and mistreat these dogs, pit bulls get a bad rap. "Pit bulls are incredibly sweet dogs. There's a saying, 'Judge the deed, not the breed.' They are very smart, a great size, low-shedding -- they make great pets. You just need the right kind of person [to adopt them]."

Smith says that MLAR is reaching out to dog food companies to donate pallets of food to participating shelters across the country. "We thought it would be funny, and we wanted to get a lot of attention." He added that the campaign really is about using Michael Vick's name to "do something positive."

We support anything that provides food for animals in need -- not to mention getting back at a bully! -- which makes the Oct. 26th game one even a pacifist, non-football fan can root for.

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