'Tweet' the Giraffe's Sudden Death Prompts PETA to Instigate Federal Investigation

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Tweet portest picture

Photo: John Wilcox, Boston Herald

The shocking death of an 18 year-old giraffe named Tweet -- who appeared in movies like Evan Almighty and television commercials for Toys R Us -- has stunned his owners and prompted the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to call for a federal investigation.

Tweet had just finished filming his scenes in Zookeeper -- a romantic comedy starring Kevin James and Rosario Dawson that is slated for an October 8, 2010 release -- when the giraffe suddenly collapsed in his enclosure, reports the Boston Herald. According to the Gainesville Sun, one of Tweet's owners, Patty Rivers, was in the enclosure with Tweet "when she noticed him list to the side and then topple."

Veterinarians were hastily summoned, but Tweet was dead. The giraffe seemed healthy when examined the day before. "[The vets] said he was in excellent shape and everything looked good," Rivers told the Gainesville Sun. "We think he had a brain aneurysm or a stroke or something because it happened so quick."

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