wolf-dog hybrid picture

A wolf-dog hybrid (not Dakota). Photo: Katie Brady, flickr

Last month, the country was horrified when a three-day old baby in Kentucky was snatched from his crib by the family's pet dog -- a four year-old wolf-dog hybrid named Dakota. The canine was seen in the family's backyard holding baby A.J. in her mouth "like a loaf of bread," reported WLKY News.

Though he suffered a skull fracture, collapsed lungs, broken ribs, contusions and cuts, A.J. is recovering fully at his parents' house. Shortly after the incident, the baby's father, Michael Smith, told Good Morning America that while he harbored no ill feelings toward Dakota, who is staying at the Jessamine County SAVE Center, he said "there's no way she can come back in the house."

This week, though, it seems Smith has had a change of heart (and possibly, sanity). The Lexington-Herald reports that Smith now wants Dakota back at home with the family. It is a move opposed by both local authorities and the Jessamine County SAVE Center, which want Dakota to go to an animal sanctuary.

"I cannot imagine what the father is thinking," Sarah Wilson, a dog expert and trainer with 23 years of experience, told Paw Nation. "You do not bring an animal into your home who -- for whatever reason – almost killed your child."

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