Baby Elephant Rescued After Manhole Plunge

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Talk about being in a tight spot.

A baby elephant became wedged in a manhole in Eastern Thailand after falling into a drainage ditch. reports the poor pachyderm was awkwardly trapped with his head and two front feet pointing skyward. Try as he might, he couldn't wrestle himself out of the narrow opening.

Rescuers tried for three hours to free the baby elephant, eventually bringing in a bulldozer to widen the hole in order to pull the frightened animal to safety. He escaped from the ditch unharmed.

The elephant reportedly landed in the hole while out working with his trainer in Rayong province. Elephants are a common sight on Thai streets, where they haul heavy loads and are made to perform tricks for passers-by. Cruelty concerns have reportedly led to such elephant displays being outlawed in some areas of Thailand. Let's hope, for this little guy's sake, that more such laws will be passed throughout the country.

In the meantime, we expect this little tusker will take care to watch his step from now on. After all, an elephant never forgets.

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