Pet Psychic Christine Agro

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Pet psychic Christine Argo. Photo/Christine Agro

Can humans talk to the animal spirit?

If you've ever been curious about the claims of animal psychics and communicators, then pay close attention. Five-year-old Schnauzer mix, Atticus (via his papa, me), recently met with Brooklyn-based professional pet psychic Christine Agro to see just how accurate one of these mind readers really is.

Over the phone and with only a picture of Atticus (whose name I was ordered to chant three times at the beginning of the session) Agro proceeded to get in touch with my dog's "energy".

Off the bat, Christine chuckled at Atticus's belief that he's a much bigger dog than his seventeen-pound body shows. Not so far off considering his unabashed aggression toward large men and animals alike. She continued to tell me that Atticus is a healer, and his aggression toward other dogs, as she sees it, is merely an act of protection.

In continuing to "scan his body," Christine found no major threats to his health, except for his eyes, which, despite a very recent OK from his vet, seemed foggy and worth my attention -- noted! She also sensed a lack in substance when it came to his diet, and suggested incorporating wet food or cooked beef into his usual Trader Joe's kibble. She explained further that Atticus -- and all dogs -- comes equipped with a "protein force," which Christine compared to the Human Hierarchy of Needs.

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