Funny Cat Video: Nora the Cat is Piano-Playing Prodigy

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Move over, Keyboard Cat. There's a new feline pianist on the scene, and this one's got real talent.

Five-year-old Nora, a gray rescue cat from Philadelphia, is a feline virtuoso, reports USA Today. A few years ago, her owners Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow were upstairs in their home when they heard someone tinkling the keys of the piano downstairs. They crept down the stairs and found Nora pawing at the ebony and ivory.

Alexander is a piano teacher, and keeps two pianos side-by-side. The next day, while she was giving lessons to her students, Nora hopped up to the idle piano beside them and started playing away. The students loved it -- and Nora loved the attention.

"Nora's for real," feline expert Beth Adelman told USA Today, who visited Nora's home to watch her play. "They didn't teach her to do it. It was spontaneous. She's a showman -- and very good at getting attention."

Since her musical debut, Nora has become a minor celebrity. Martha Stewart gifted her with a bust of Bach. The original Piano Man, Billy Joel, sent the talented cat a signed photo. (She responded by sending him a signed photo of herself.) Nora's first concert video was posted to YouTube in 2007, and since then her videos have garnered more than 20,000 views.

According to USA Today, Nora's music has reportedly been described as lying somewhere between free jazz and the work of composer Phillip Glass. What do you think?

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