Pet Product Review: Indoor Dog Potties

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Photos (clockwise from upper left): Pet Loo, UGODOG, Porch Potty, Wizdog

There are really no words to describe just how much I adore my five-year-old terrier mix, Atticus. Having been his proud (adoptive) papa since June of 2008, I am, admittedly, obsessed with my dog (you would be too if you met him). The sixteen-pound black and white pooch is -- as most pet owners will attest -- essentially my child, and keeping his best interests in mind is always a top priority.

That being said, living on the sixteenth floor of an eighteen-floor apartment building with only two elevators can make the bathroom walk a royal pain in the tail. Considering that I'm lucky enough to have a terrace, it dawned on me recently that bringing home a dog potty might save me both time and energy.

I decided to test several high-end Wee Wee Pads to find the perfect solution.

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