Pig Eats Diamond Out of Woman's Ring

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Losing a diamond in a pig pen really stinks. But is it fair to blame the whole thing on Ginger the hog?

As reported by BBC News, Ann Moon, her husband and two young grandchildren were having a Sunday visit to the nearby Easingwold Maize Maze in Yorkshire, England -- a tourist attraction featuring a giant maze of growing corn plants -- when they decided to visit the Maze's animal farm. There were rabbits, goats, sheep and guinea pigs, but Moon was attracted to a pen with a piglet. She approached, and explained what happened next to the BBC:

"The pig came towards the fence and I put my hand through and it just clasped its teeth round [my] ring and for a while I was tugging and I couldn't get my hand away," Moon told BBC News. "When I did my hand was filthy and I wiped my hand and realized that it [Ginger] had taken the stone out of the center of the ring."

The diamond, valued at about $1,650, is believed to have been eaten by the pig. Paul Caygill, a farmer who runs the Maze, hopes to find the diamond in the pig pen after nature takes its course and the gemstone wends its way through Ginger.

"Hopefully it's come through by now," Caygill said, searching through the muck.

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