pomerian dog at the vet picture

Will a little dental work help this biting pup?
Photo: Jake Stevens / LA Times

These days, Cotton's bark may actually be bigger than his bite.

The aggressive six-year-old American Eskimo dog recently underwent a highly controversial dental treatment known as canine disarming to trim and smooth his teeth.

Cotton's owner Diane Krieger had tried just about everything -- puppy training classes, self-help books, and even assistance from "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan -- to tame her pup's dangerous bad habit, but the biting persisted. She even looked into dog rescue groups, but most refused to take pets with a history of biting.

Last month, as an alternative to euthanization, Krieger resorted to the $1,600 treatment. Veterinary dentist Dr. David Nielsen performed the canine disarming procedure in hopes of making Cotton more obedient -- or at least, less harmful.

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