SpotLight Device Tracks Runaway Dogs

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SpotLight tracking device product picture

The SpotLight tracking devices attaches to your dog's collar. Photo: Corey Jenkins Photography, Courtesy of PAW.

Is your dog a hairy Houdini? This new product which tracks runaway mutts might be your best counter defense.

The SpotLight GPS pet locator, which attaches to your dog's collar, tracks your pup's whereabouts, alerting you if your escape artist travels beyond a pre-programmed safe zone. The device is made by Positioning Animals Worldwide, Inc. (PAW) in partnership with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery program (AKC CAR).

After you activate the device, you log on to the company's website to designate "SafeSpots." You can pick as many as you want -- your home, the local dog park, your vacation cabin -- and whenever your dog travels outside of these SafeSpots, you'll receive an email or text message alerting you that your pooch is on the run.

SpotLight's monthly service features online maps which show exactly where your pup is hanging out, both inside and outside his SafeSpots. If you need extra help locating your little runaway, you can contact the AKC CAR call center, which is staffed 24/7 with trained recovery experts. They'll provide turn-by-turn directions to lead you to your dog, and they can even remotely activate the device's LED beacon light to help illuminate your dog's location. The water-resistant device has built-in anti-theft protection, too, so if your dog is traveling more than 30 miles per hour, you'll get an alert letting you know he's probably not on foot.

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