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The controversy surrounding dog food is vicious, so when a pet owner must decide what to feed Fido (Soft? Hard? Brand name? Organic?), the process can be particularly elaborate.

Making it easier for the masses is Bow Wow Breakfast from All American Pet Brands. While the product claims to be especially cognizant of pet wellness (by adding "chewable nutraceuticals, electrolyte and rehydration products"), we're mostly just interested in the packaging, which resembles the type of box that usually holds sweet, sugary cereals we were prohibited from eating as kids.

That's not to say that the design wasn't deliberate, of course. In fact, an AAPB spokeswoman claims that Bow Wow Breakfast will help "teach your children how to take care of the dog," reenforcing that they be fed twice a day to remain nutritionally balanced.

But, really, we just want to give to our pups what we couldn't have as kids: brightly-colored stuff in a box . At the very least, it looks a lot more fun to schlep home than the usual gargantuan, boring old white bag. SNOOZEFEST!

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