Q: Why Does My Dog Lick Everything?

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Dog licking picture

"Hmm...what shall I lick now?" Photo: iampoohie/Flickr

A: It could be that your dog is thirsty and is taking it out on your floors and furniture. The problem with dogs licking everything is that they could lick something harmful to them. Licking grass or produce that has been fertilized could be extremely dangerous to a pet. Make sure you're aware of foods and other items that are poisonous to pets.

To encourage your dog to stop licking furniture in the house, I'd recommend buying bitter apple spray, a taste deterrent that works very well on pets.

If this behavior is constant, your dog might be obsessive compulsive. For any strange behavior like this, I suggest your bring your pet to a trainer. They can help break bad habits with various methods, such as teaching positive reinforcement with treats.

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