Sockington is Twitter's Most Popular Cat

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Sockinton Twitters most popular cat picture

Photo: Jason "Textfiles" Scott/Flickr

If you're an avid Twitter user and an animal lover, chances are good that you've come across Twitter's most popular cat, Sockington (Socks, for short). Sockington isn't just the most followed pet actively posting on Twitter, but with over three quarters of a million followers to date, he's one of the most popular users of the service, period.

Sockington's tweets amount to a daily chronicling of life as a housecat, including the familiar feline obsessions with feeding time, litter-box usage, scratching, napping, and running amok for no particular reason. But the Socks Army (Sockington's term for his legions of fans) would likely tell you that it's the inimitably hyperactive style of his tweets that makes following Sockington such a hilarious daily treat. Whether closely watching the Terrible, Terrible Squirrel; sparring with his more erudite sister, Penny (who also maintains a Twitter account); or continuing the ongoing war with favorite toy Baron von Shakymouse, Sockington always has a unique comment to share about the well-known idiosyncrasies of catdom.

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