Dogs Singing Opera

Dog singing opera picture

Photo: YouTube

We don't know the last time you've been to the opera, but we've been far too busy to make a trip down to Fancytown anytime recently. Don't get us wrong; we're not trying to imply that opera as an art form is boring or inaccessible or, y'know, exclusively for the frou-frou set. In fact, it's just the opposite! Opera is a deliciously lavish theatrical experience that, at best, transcends any stigmas you ever may have held concerning fat ladies wearing viking helmets. Truth be told, if we could, we'd probably find ourselves at the opera house almost as often as the dog run.

Problem is, we're not made of money. (We're made of, like, bags of kibble.)

Luckily, YouTube gives us a dog[s]-eyed[s] -eared glimpse into our furry friends giving the fat lady a reason to sing. Click through for our collection of dogs singing opera. Can you spot the next Paw-vorotti?

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