"Lucky" the Miracle Cat Plummets 26 Stories and Survives

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Talk about curiosity (almost) killing the cat! Three-year-old Lucky nearly went to the big cat box in the sky when the frisky feline went exploring out a partially opened window in the 32nd floor apartment of his Manhattan high rise.

Nosing through the 6" crack in the window, Lucky discovered what was on the other side of the window -- nothing but air and a teeny, tiny ledge. Window washers watched from across the street as the cat suddenly fell, plunging 26 stories and landing on the sixth floor balcony of an apartment below. Incredibly, they snapped photos of the whole heart-stopping incident, catching Lucky on the ledge, in mid-air, and landing on the balcony.

More astonishingly, Lucky survived with only a broken toe and broken lower jaw. How are cats able to survive such falls?

"Cats --- the higher they fall from, it's actually better the outcome," Dr. Benjamin Davidson explains. "What happens is, they reach a terminal velocity, which is the maximum velocity, and when they reach that, their body relaxes and when they hit the ground, they break less bones."

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