Diving for Doggy --- Woman Jumps Into Lake Michigan to Rescue Pet Pooch

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Some dogs like to swim. Others, not so much. Photo: krossbow/Flickr

Bye, bye birdie!

Moxie, a diminutive two year-old mutt, got a little carried away charging after sea gulls along the shores of Lake Michigan on May 5. She chased the birds right over a jetty wall and went sailing into the frigid waters below. Moxie's owner, Jess Craigie, who was walking her other dog, Oscar, on a leash, was stunned. "I saw her go over the pier. I was in shock," Craigie, 34, told the Chicago Tribune. "When I got to the edge, I saw her dog-paddling. [Moxie] was clearly panicking."

Screaming for someone to call 911, Craigie handed Oscar's leash to a bystander and jumped into the 40-degree water. Moxie promptly climbed onto her owner's shoulders while Craigie clung to a metal pipe and dog-paddled for 20 minutes until the police department's marine unit arrived and fished out woman and dog. Luckily, both survived unharmed, save for a bit of hypothermia for Craigie.

"She's not the first and she's not the last [to do this]," one of the police officers said, referring to Craigie, who showed a lot of moxie herself diving in after her pooch. "People love their dogs."

Guess who's no longer allowed to chase birds off leash anymore? (At least near large bodies of water anyways.)

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