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Cute Pet of the Week

    Chardonnay patiently waits for someone to throw her ball!


    Baby bulldog Ruby is as ferocious as he is fuzzy.


    Bacon may be young, but he already knows how to work a camera.

    Kerry Potter McCormick

    Forget beauty sleep! Peanut the puggle needs his "cutest dog ever sleep"!

    Simon Dabkowski

    Snakes aren't for everyone, but this scaly sweetie -- aptly named Lucky -- always brings owner Jeanne good fortune.

    Jeanne Thompson

    Snuffy may be mortified by her costume, but we still daresay she's the cutest Easter bunny of all time!

    Sue Hanson

    Atticus knows to turn on the sad puppy eyes when his dad gets close to the treats aisle.

    Elliot Wexler Glazer

    Pushkin is a Dance Dance Revolution champion!

    Kristyn Pomranz

    This snuggly soft Pomeranian puppy lives up to his name: Cashmere!

    Pamela Mayer

    Yogi the pug is snug on the rug!

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