Weird News: Man-Eating Fish Evolves From Water Burials

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by Josh Loposer

catfishKelly McCarthy, Flickr

It sounds like something straight out of a low-budget horror film, but scientists on the India-Nepal border fear that years of disposing of bodies in the Great Kali River has created a monster. The creature, a type of giant catfish called a "goonch," is thought to be targeting live prey after years of feeding on the remains of burnt bodies, tossed into the river after ritual funeral pyres. Biologist Jeremy Wade is investigating the sensational story for a documentary TV show in Britain.

Wade believes that these giant freshwater fish are behind local legends in which a monster has grown large on a diet of human remains and is now responsible for snatching unsuspecting bathers. Through his research, Jeremy has built a case for the idea that these giant fish, rather than crocodiles, are the likely culprits. Wade actually caught one of these fish that weighed in at 161lbs (73kg). Wow, that's one catfish that I'm not willing to eat with a side of tartar sauce.

Here's a safer, more eco-friendly, burial at sea option.

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